About us

From Vision to Impact: Driving Sustainable Development.

Capton was established by Siemens Financial Services and Desert Technologies, launched in 2022 with the shared intent to support the energy transition by mobilizing capital towards identified funding gaps in critical market segments, particularly in emerging markets.

Our vision

We envision a world where sustainable energy solutions power the future of developing and emerging economies. Our vision is to lead the energy transition by investing in projects that not only deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns but also drive profound developmental impact, accelerating the global shift towards clean energy, energy efficiency, and universal energy access.

Our values


Keeping our vision in focus as our guiding light, we strive to deliver best-in-class execution through sustained improvement and continual learning.


Trust, inclusion, collaboration and respect are at the core of our business. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical and compliance standards following our strict Code of Conduct.


We stand behind our work and follow through on our commitments to deliver the value promised to our customers.


We embrace change by proactively assessing and adopting new technologies and business models that maximize our impact.

Our Code of Conduct

We prioritize compliance with our internal regulations and applicable laws. Upholding integrity and fairness are fundamental to how we interact with customers, partners, and the public. We take personal responsibility for adhering to these principles in our daily operations and ensuring their integration into our business culture. At Capton Energy, we believe in playing fair, because fairness isn't just a rule to follow—it's a principle we stand by, everywhere and always.