How we operate

A unique skillset of development and investment expertise along the entire project lifecycle.

Capton Energy was established to develop, execute, finance and manage solar-themed power generation and smart infrastructure projects.

Capton Energy recognizes the diversity of solar-related sustainable infrastructure projects – from rural electrification to captive power, utility-scale power and smart infrastructure. We source and develop project opportunities from across these different asset classes, wherever they deliver compelling customer value in a commercially viable manner. We capitalize on excellent market reach through our team, shareholders and local partners in our target regions.

We act as a lead developer or active co-developer in all of our greenfield projects. We develop our projects using commercially-proven technology and design, as well as bankable structures. Through each project phase, our in-house team of experts strives to optimize project value by maximizing productivity and energy yield while mitigating risk and minimizing cost.

Capton Energy is committed to upholding the highest standards of compliance, quality execution, ethical business practices, diversity and inclusion.

Capton Energy activities across the project lifecycle


Sourcing & Structuring

Market Analysis
Site Identification & Selection
Feasibility Study
Partnership with Experienced Partners
Joint Development Agreement
Comprehensive Due Diligence


Development & Negotiations

Project Management
Financing Development Activities
Economics & Risk Analysis
Project Agreements Negotiation
Permitting & Licensing


Project Financing

Relationship Management with Banks & Advisors
Experience with Dealings in ECAs, IFIs and DFIs.
Financing Structure & Capital Sources Selection
Financing Agreements Negotiation


Investment & Construction

Equity Funding
Contractors & Construction Performance Monitoring Management



Contractors & Construction Performance Monitoring Management
Active Asset Management



Re-financing & Financial Restructuring
Exit Strategy & Transaction Management