At Capton Energy, we believe that private enterprises must be at the forefront of promoting sustainable economic development. As a renewable energy company with major operations in developing and emerging markets, Capton Energy was founded to address the goals of sustainable development and impact investment.

We work in developing nations providing access to energy and clean water, as well as providing job opportunities and vocational training.

Our belief in sustainability applies to all our stakeholders. Our projects must be sustainable for our clients, sustainable for the environment and communities in which the projects are located, sustainable for our employees and sustainable for our shareholders.

Gender Equality

Capton Energy aims to provide women with equal access to education, healthcare, appropriate work, and representation in political and economic decision-making processes that will fuel sustainable economies and benefit societies and humanity at large.

Affordable & Clean Energy

Capton Energy is a project development and financing platform dedicated to delivering solar-themed and smart infrastructure assets that advance society towards a sustainable future powered by clean energy.

Decent Work & Economic Growth

Capton Energy aims to allow the creation of quality jobs, which remains a major challenge for almost all economies. Allowing sustainable economic growth will require societies to create conditions that allow people to have quality jobs that stimulate the economy while not harming the environment. Job opportunities and decent working conditions are also required for the entire working-age population.

Reduced Inequalities

Capton Energy is targeting the most vulnerable nations by ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all, a key condition for reducing inequalities within the SDG 10. Unequal access to energy and low human development are highly correlated. The concept of energy poverty includes ‘fuel poverty’ in the developed world, but it is most often applied to the developing world in the context of lack of access to electricity and/or clean cooking fuels or technologies. More than 800 million people still lack access to electricity and close to 40% of the people in the world lack access to clean cooking fuels. Capton Energy’s aim is to progress on these initiatives and target rural communities by providing clean, reliable, sustainable energy solutions and other critical tools towards achieving the ‘leave no one behind’ principle. We aim to encourage these communities to transform them into self-sustaining micro-economies.

Sustainable Cities & Communities

Capton Energy is helping to build cities that are cleaner, safer and better to live in, as well as more productive economically. As the number of people living in cities is expected to increase by 2030 and considering the development of new major cities in the developing world, cities must become more energy efficient. Capton Energy is uniquely positioned to encourage energy efficiency measures within the SDG 11. Caption Energy will focus on urban energy efficiency actions by identifying and creating promising opportunities, as well as by leveraging investments targeting the creation of local energy solutions that successfully deploy the scale-up of urban efficiency and make the most of inter-municipal collaborations through enhanced smart networks. Capton Energy believes that these cities will be engines for sustainable growth.

Responsible Consumption & Production

The Capton Energy development and investment platform aims to progress the core goal of SGG 12 by capitalizing on the natural resources provided by the sun to deliver green energy solutions, moving away from fossil fuels that are both dangerous to extract and detrimental to the environment. We aim to develop our investments in an efficient and sustainable way by providing solar energy solutions in both large-scale and off-grid contexts. Responsible production and consumption can also contribute to alleviating inequalities and to a transition towards a green economy.

Climate Action

Energy production and use account for two-thirds of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, diversifying our sources of energy towards renewables and away from fossil fuels must be a priority to meet the COP 21’s goals. Ever cheaper energy storage, as well as reduced wind and solar intermittency, allow us to aspire to an even greater proportion of renewable energy among our generation sources.

Partnerships for the Goals

Capton Energy is targeting the creation of a successful sustainable development agenda that requires the existence of robust partnerships between governments, the private sector and the civil society. These inclusive partnerships, built upon shared principles, values, visions and goals and placing people and the planet at the center, are required at the global, regional, national and local levels.